What is funded

The 7th EU Framework Programme (FP7) supports research in selected priority areas - the aim being to make, or keep, the EU as a world leader in those sectors.

What are the components of FP7?

FP7 is made up of 4 main blocks of activities forming 4 specific programmes:

  • Cooperation - Collaborative research
    • Health
    • Food, Agriculture and Biotechnology
    • Information and Communication Technologies
    • Nanosciences, Nanotechnologies, Materials and new Production Technologies
    • Energy
    • Environment (including climate change)
    • Transport (including Aeronautics)
    • Socio-economic sciences and Humanities
    • Security
    • Space
  • Ideas - European Research Council
    • Frontier research actions
  • People - Human Potential, Marie Curie actions
    • Initial training of researchers - Marie Curie Networks
    • Life-long training and career development - Individual fellowships
    • Industry-academia pathways and partnerships
    • International dimension - outgoing and incoming fellowships, international cooperation scheme, reintegration grants
    • Excellence Awards
  • Capacities - Research capacities
    • Research infrastructures
    • Research for the benefit of SMEs
    • Regions of Knowledge
    • Research Potential
    • Science in Society
    • Support to the coherent development of research policies
    • Specific activities of international cooperation

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